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Ida Coyote Coursing Season 2013-14

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We started a little slow this year catching one here one there, but picked up the slack yesterday and caught 4. I picked up a and new female during the summer and got her on two and she didn't disappo

December 6th , 2013     Words from Uphill- Steve Thomas passed away today. He was in the end stages of cancer. He knew he had a very short time left, but never complained and only asked th

i suppose the dogs are there to be tested ...running em to ground then shooting them aint testing them imo. Granted its frowned upon over here but its probably the done thing over there. No different

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We are going to start selling puppys in pet shops and such so a very talented friend made this for UpHill lol.



This weekend's shit show...Your suprised Right? In the real world not every hunt is a good one and not all dogs are killas lol. Saw 7, ran 3 ,caught 2 and got out run by one. The coyotes that made it this far through the winter are the real deal, they can run, fight and run some more.












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Starting to really like the old dog on the throat....He looks slow but was running in front of other faster bred mutts yesterday. Below a pic from another hunt, he knows what hes doing.He also has put some nice pups on the ground so far.



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You guys done? thanks. Heres some pics of my buddy I'd thought I share . He ran this big North Eastern yote to ground with his hounds.and dug him out.


Thats a coyote! not some brush popper with bitch tits and stretch marks



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General- from what I've seen they enlarge other animals dens like badgers out here in the west or dig their own. Back

east they use what available or dig their own which in both cases it mostly a stop end.When they are pressured coyotes will go any where, under buildings, sewers porches above and below lol, under your truck and even back into a brush pile and give the mutts the sharp end.

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