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first morning flight over decoy's

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well lads went to a place last night to see what way the duck were. got too the water and found a nice place where i was well hidden it was about 8 o'clock i fired a shot.to see what would raise,only a few duck that was there. two came over me a bit high but drop the 2,soon after a pair of pigeon and drop them.nothing else around.looked around and there was a nice corner bit of feathers in the water looked like there were duck feeding,so i headed home and said i try it first thing this morning

got up at 5 and headed out got to the spot and put out 4 decoy's and sat in the odd duck moving around

at 7.30 duck started to move in.i got a new duck call to see would work for me,as duck were comeing in i turn it on a the duck fell on my decoy's small waves of duck come in to other sides well away from me but anything that came around me fell to my decoys with the call had a great morning shot 9 mallard picked 8 and due to a jam and shit shooting i should have had afew more but a good bag well pleased with the way my decoys and call worked and good retrieves from rockey my dog.and looking at were the duck were comeing in at the other side i'll try it sometime again. forgot the camera whats new. photos were taken when i came home.cheers sounder :gunsmilie::victory:








photo from first evening



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and due to a jam and shit shooting



Well boy! Nice bit of shooting there have a Lanber aswell and by f**k can they jam. That call seems to working out well, bought a Scotch Mallard call meself the other day, hope to try it out over the weekend.

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