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Fell Or Patterdale??

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post-55282-0-56151600-1382001232_thumb.jpgI keep and have bred the two type's together on the principle 'Worker to Worker', I expect a litter of different type's. I don't consider them to be one and the same type of dog though,Working terrier's Yes! I belive they will throw up different type's as the're 'Scatter-Bred'. It's all in the Game! Happy-Hunting!

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Worker-worker, if only more men had held that philosophy......instead of breeding to type. ATB

If you want a type of terrier id certainly breed to type,some lads like Russels,Borders,Fell/Lakeys even Beddy,s,individual preference,we all often have them.Just breed working type to working type.

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I was talking fells mate, too many men bred for a certain look rather than sheer staying ability, that ability to see the job through to the end was often forgot about when trying to produce a certain stamp....ATB

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If I had a preference for a bully bitch with a squede jacket and looked at a litter and the bitch had a beard and was as hairy as 70s porn pussy or visa-versa i'd be disappointed,just looking at this site there's dog's of many colour's and jacket types. I think the best disricption we're gonna get is 'Smooth Bully-Type or Rough-coated Fell Type, I think the term 'Black-Dog's' is to loose for me.Something we'll have to agree to to disagree on, Happy-Hunting

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