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Airgun Centre In Essex

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Hi countryboy


Isn't that a Coincidence. Back in January of this year I also purchased a new HW100s from the Airgun Centre, and their service was top notch.The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable about the Airgun scene. I even got a cuppa too.

This was the second time I have bought from the Airgun Centre. The first being many years ago when the Rapid 7 mk1 first came out, I just had to have one. By memory, their service was as good then as it is now.


As for their lifetime warranty I can't really comment because, so far i have not had any problems with either rifle. I would definately buy from them again should i need to,


John :yes:

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I ordered my scorpion from them and had a few problems. I made my order and after 2 weeks of them ignoring my emails they got back to me saying sorry for the delay the rifle has just come in stock from bsa and will be sent out tomorrow. I was also promised a free lenser p7 lamping kit to make up for it.


They phoned and left a message with another member of the household saying they delivered my rifle to the nearest rfd. It was in fact the 4th nearest and I don't drive so I had a nightmare getting there to pick it up.


After I got the gun which was perfect I discovered there was no lamping kit. I sent an email asking where it was and they said we will send it out today. A week later still no lamping kit so I email again and I get a similar story. Went on like this for a week or 2 but I got it in the end.


I know they have a good rep but this was my experience and I wont be using them again. Id rather buy from Blackpool Air Rifles Ive had nothing but good experiences with them.

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