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Rspca......lack Of Rights

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acts of law are not the law. if the r s p c a come a knocking with the po-lice as enforcers...what then?


ask if the warrent as been signed by a judge on his oath, 99% it wil be signed by a justice of the peace which is a snide warrent. ask the po-lice if they are standing on their oath. tell them from the from the start that you are not a member of r s p c a and have no contract with them and dont consent...and always, always film them if you have a mobile.


hunting with hounds, coursing, digging, etc are illegal but they are NOT unlawful. any law with the word ACT in it is not the law but is acting as law and needs your consent. until you are under arrest the police cannot tell you to do anything so take no notice....no consent, no contract, no snide warrents


kev-medlock crew


Absolute gobbledygook!


Not bollocks at all .Look at you tube with the eviction cases .Every single warrant is void if not signed with wet ink by a judge .

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also ask to see the warrant the warrant should state the persons allowed to enter on it , it cannot have the names of any rspca twat as they are only a charity and for them to be allowed in you would have to allow it the cops will ask if its ok or if you have any objection ALWAYS OBJECT they are only a member of the public so you have every right to refuse them entry. always record things especially the point


were the copper states he s acting on his oath -- if he says yes then he is there to protect you not assist the rscpa

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Trid it on with me year ago apparantly form another so called terrier man they got info ,i showed them my kennels and f****d them out me gate 

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