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Night Master 800 Ir ( Disapointment )

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I have been hearing very good reports on the Night Master 800 ir unit, so on Thursday i phoned Scotts country and had a chat about the unit, after being told i could spot Foxes out to 200 Meters i placed an order of £189.99. Friday afternoon it turned upon my doorstep can't fault that for service, but that's where my praise ends. At 10.30pm i took my Archer and my 223 and the Night Master out for a trial run, i got to the Fields i was going to test the N M , i opened the gate and just drove inside the Field , i then mounted the N M unit onto my scope slid the Archer onto my rifle and then for 15 minutes tried all sorts on different things with the Night Master to get it focused with my scope , but i was'nt very happy with the view through the scope i tried mounting the NM on the side of my scope and on top of the scope but it made very little difference with the view i was getting I tried the flood position the spot position and every other position but it made no difference. any way off i drove further across the long straight Field , i was useing my hand held lamp just for a spotting light and sure enough i caught the shine of an eye a good way from me , i stopped my Truck and slid the Archer on my scope turned on the NM but could'nt pick up the Fox i thought it had moved off,i turned on the lamp and there was the eyes again, back on with the NM still no Fox i turned on my Fire fly that i have on my Archer and straight away i could see the eyes of the Fox,i slowly drove towards the Fox a few more yards and he stayed sat looking in my direction, i stopped the Truck and turned on the NM all i could see was a hazy blurred eye shine, i moved the Nm to the top of my scope no better view back to the side still blurred i messed about with the spot the flood light and everything i could but i could'nt get a clear view of the Fox , who after all this time was still sat down, i turned on the Fire fly with the Archer and i could see IT as plain as day i chambered a round and pulled the trigger and missed , the Fox ran a few yards and stopped the second shot ended with a thud and the Fox rolled over, i turned off the Fire Fly and had a look for the dead Fox with the Night Master but i could'nt see it but when i looked through with the Fire fly i could see the Fox laying on the ground and it was 210 yards away.i then drove to another Field and could see a Hare 124 yards away but i could only see it with the Fire Fly Not the NM, a bit further across the Field another Fox 168 yards shot with the Archer And Fire Fly, the next Field another Fox and that was also shot with the Fire Fly at 87 yards i never even bothered to turn the Night Master on again . I came home very very disappointed with the Night Master as a night vision unit, as a gun light i can not comment but i would say for the Night vision it's over priced by £140 all the reviews are shite and people must be payed well to say what they do about this nv unit marks out of 10 for build quality 10 for use as a night vision unit on the Archer any way 4,It may work ok on the Pulsar 750 but that i can't say . my end report is that i am £190 out of pocket and got a unit i will never use again, so if any one wants to make me an offer for a unit that has only been used for no more that 30 minutes P M , ME WITH A SENSIBLE OFFER.


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Have you spoke to sc about it,they may well offer a refund.

Did you have it on it's highest setting?...from memory the nm800 has a 3 mode driver and it a pita to set it up imo.

If it's a decent led ir your after for foxing have a word with sikastag on the nvf forum,cheaper and better.

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I've been using a loaned NM800 all this week on the side of my old Gen 1 NV monocular for spotting for a someone (who was using a Yukon digital scope)

I thought it was brilliant, picking up eye shine out to 300yds and depending on the weather able to clearly see quarry out to 200-250.

I thought it was so good, I've ordered myself one.

Having never tried the firefly I couldn't tell you if the NM is better or not???


As Weebster said, are you sure you had it set to the highest output?

Low is only really any good for airrifles apparently ( I didn't try it) Medium was fine for the smaller fields, we could spot quarry out to about 100yds with that and the rechargeable battery lasts a long time . High was used most often and the battery still lasted a pretty long time, we were out for 6-7 hours every night and it was still going when we got home.

There's also an extreme mode which apparently burns through the battery but gives a phenominal amount of light. By the time he worked out how to do it, we didn't get to use it in anger just shining it around the farm yard and close fields so couldn't tell you any distances.

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I have one as well as the fire fly i use the fire fly on my envis and it is a sharper picture.

The nm800 is just as good i have found distance wise but with a much softer type of light.

I bought the NM800 to sit along side a watec camera on the roof of the motor with a screen in the cab great on cold nights

it took quite a bit of setting up it was like you say bloody useless then i spent a lot of time on the phone to Tony who i got it from and he talked me through setting it up properly it great now..

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Hmm, I use the archer and find the nm is better than the firefly. It sounds to me like you have it on a low setting. I don't bother using the firefly now, just keep it as a back up in case my batteries fail.

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Stalker - I have had a NM ages to replace my Firefly on my Archer - would not go back to the Firefly. Had too many foxes move off as soon as the laser was on them. Not sure where you are in Somerset - I am near Wellington, but if you would care to contact me and pop over to me, we can go local to me where I have a few foxes that I do not shoot (need them to recycle my dead hens and deer bits) and I will run through with your NM and mine.



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