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Cheers Fin

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Kev that looks a fantastic day,kids look like theyre having a ball,even got a like from my missus :icon_eek: (a rare commodity) :laugh: as others said so much better than McDonalds,cinema etcwell done mate,happy birthday Fin..

Thanks a lot mate, one of the lads is staying over, it was his first time fishing and he keeps asking when we're going again lol..

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Its My lads birthday tomorrow, and he wants a fishing party.. I've got the dubious pleasure of taking him, 5 of his mates my eldest girl ( helper) my youngest girl ( hindrance) and my two nieces. T

Well that wasn't so bad... They all loved it, we've got 8 new budding anglers, they all want to come next time I go ( 1 at a time maybe lol).. They caught loads of little roach and Rudd and a couple

So basically you've decided to take a bunch of kids just so you can win.......lol

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Great story Stig....

Ivan Marks.... Quality...


mate we didn't have a clue we were just on a bat round the local pubs called in because the car park was rammed and thought there was a band on :laugh:

Haha, another one of those nights...Nice one mate..

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Ivan Marks. Where do you start ??


If you talk about match fishing, you can not do it without mentioning Ivan Marks. I my era he was simply the greatest, The peoples champion for sure. Not one of todays one venue experts, he went to venues all across Britian, and mostly won there as well. He won the Great Ouse championship 3 times in 4 years in the days when 600 anglers fished the match. Lots of other big matches too. Never won the World champs though, second was his best effort. When he died, his funeral was moved to Leicester Cathederal because of so many people wanting to go.



Iv'e sat behind him times when he was fishing the Soar and spoke to him not long before he died (He'd had an Heart transplant years previously) To anyone my age who was into match fishing, he was a true legend.














Sorry to highjack the thread Kev.


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No problem Arch, I like it,

Ivan Marks was a touch before my time, but I obviously have heard all about him..

I've been lucky to watch a few top lads, but would have loved to have seen him fish

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Cheers Bob,

My lads best mate is dead set on going again, he wants me to take him out on a boat next,

We might be in the age of technology but kids still love getting out and fishing, thankfully..

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i took the lad last season but he hasnt been botherd this year,but asked about rabbiting and wants to go out with the hunt for a day so all isnt lost :D:thumbs:

take him tut warren wi tut ferrets fut a day out unting on tut rabbits........ :D

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What a good thread ,,,and a great idea for a kids birthday ... Really enjoyed reading it and seeing the pics ,,, great stuff new kid,,,

Cheers Tomo.. I might do a ferreting party for my little girl in December.. See how that goes down lol

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Please tell me the MAP surived, please.........




Looks a really good day, and plenty of snap to boot.

All ok mate, safe and sound back in the shed lol..


I bought a cheap whip in the shop this morning. Set a few top 3 sets up and a couple of rods, I didn't take the map out if the bag lol..


I showed Geoff the old proto type Titan, he gave it to me nearly 20 years ago lol..


Geoff Sailsbury, angling legend.................. :thumbs:




Bottom left? :hmm:




John Coates.


:laugh: :laugh:


Try again.

Was there are photograph you posted of Geoff and John Coates ? I cannot open the file !

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