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Old Down Persuits

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The air arms memorial and 30th anniversary shoot is getting closer and closer (8th September). Any one up for a bit of practice friendly ish or not this Sunday?.


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Sounds right to


Haha im not that confident. No bother for abit of comp winner buys 1st pint aswell haha



Sounds good to me.

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Yes count me in.


£5 winner takes all.


What we using springers or pcps?


Its either the Ultra SE or the HW98

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i might have to get the AAS410 out :hmm:


Welcome back Davy :yes: .


It will be nice to see you again buddy :thumbs: .


So who's attending then on Sunday at ODP?


Shall we make it an official event for the airgun members in this section?


Say meet at 0945 hrs or before if you can make it at the zero range at ODP.


2 rounds of HFT total as part as the competition.


First round


Is with your best pcp (the one you shoot the most accurate) or your springer / gas ram if you don't own a pcp, starting at 1045 hrs at the pegs.


Second round is with your best springer, or with your best pcp again if you don't own a springer / recoiling sub 12 air rifle.


If you use a pcp twice then there is a automatic 4 point deduction of your second score card in the springer round.


Winner of the money is the person with the dual highest score added together :yes:.


Example of scoring normal


Person A - round 1 = 55 with his pcp


Person A - round 2 = 45 with his springer


Total comp score = 100 points.


Example of scoring special


Person A - round 1 = 50 with his pcp


Person A - round 2 = 52 with his pcp again


Total comp score = 102 minus 4 penalty points = 98 points total.


Whats peoples thoughts on this?



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I would love to come and take your cash :D but the misses is having the van as she and my youngest are going on holiday for a week in Cornwall, so you can count yourselves very lucky :laugh::laugh: . Hope you have a good time and please can you do me a favour boys, don't let Porno Chops win :toast: because that will give him another trophy.

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Just had a thought, as Si & Davy are our team computer/technology experts and i'm team referree. Would it be possible to send a live feed to me for unbiased referreeing?

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Turn up Roger and do your THANGGGG buddy.


Would be nice to see you there again.



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