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Any Tips On Recall?

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I have exact same trouble with my basset x cavalier, she bolted off the other day and found her in a field chasing pheasants that were just taking off and flying low. Funniest thing I've seen watching her trying to catch something that wasn't even on the ground! Tips would help me also. Got told by a friend to hide from her while she was close by on walks, makes her panic and seems to appreciate seeing me more, I found it makes her stay closer to me but sometimes she does just bigger off if she gets distracted by something.

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My 12month old Russell/patterdale has good recall at home, in the garden, and out at walks, but as soon as he is over the orchard he is off! Trouble is he knows where the bunnies are, and that's where he is going. He has a real prey drive, and only stops to follow his nose along a scent. Will only give voice when he is chasing something, but the bugga wont come back til he has checked out all the rabbits! Not interested in food when he is out and about? I know he is only young, and my other patt bitch is as good as gold, and it took a couple of years to train her, but any tips? Would he be more responsive if he started doing a bit of work, maybe ferreting?

try to get his recall sorted out, I was out with my young border dog , he got on a sent and was off, I was shouting for him to come back

he just ignored me , he was killed outright by a car 300 yards away, I was allways too soft with him ,this was 6 months ago still miss him now, save your self a lot of heartache and spend some time on training , I wish I did, michael

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I,v had one killed this year darlo that had brilliant recall, it just happed that she wasent were i thought she was otherwise i,d have called her back, still miss her too, back on thred, the recall needs to be sorted BEFORE you start working the dog, i know its tempting to let the dog start work when they show an intrest, i,v done it myself in the past, but learn from my mistakes, training first, atb, buster.

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