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Which Deer Dog ?

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Im really surprised that the lads who stalk venison rely on some of the traditional dogs about,that cost a fortune,the best dog ive ever witnessed,ive seen a few,working venison and following scent and blood trails is a Bedlington terrier,working type.Excellent nose,highly trainable,plus a good household pet.

I'd have to agree with you, I have a bedlington whippet x mainly for ferretting but I have found she is very good at following up deer. She has an awesome nose (shows the spaniels up on the local shoot) the only thing I haven't tried to train her to bay when she finds. When its dark I just put a collar with a light and a bell on it, give her her head and she never lets me down.

She'll stay to heel and wait if I take her stalking but normally leave her in the truck and get her out after that late shot on the edge of a wood or in a crop.

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All dogs act the same when it comes to hunting, but different when it comes to training. Pointing, trailing, etc., are not that hard to train. Depends of your relation with the dog, he needs confidence.. Here is an article about your question because there are many aspects to consider. I hope the administrator will not consider this commercial or spamming: http://www.huntingdogsreviews.com/deer-hunting-dogs . You should search for the best dog for you, not necessarily for deers .

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