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    • By Gav
      Stornoway Airport has obtained a court order against Melbost and Brahanhuie crofters who accused the airfield operator of “squatting” on their land.
      The crofters legally control the the airfield site following the outcome of a recent Scottish Land Court decision which declared the land was never taken out of crofting tenure when their forebearers allowed it to be used as a military base during WW2.
      That means Hial do not own the airport while adjacent villages actually hold the rights.
      However, the company Hial, is appealing that decision at the Court of Session.
      The situation was inflamed over the past few days when the grazings committee wrote to the airport and other businesses sited on the land, advising them they were “squatting.”
      They requested proposals to “regularise your organisation’s position and to remove your organisation from the category of sqatter.”
      Antagonised by the move, Hial today obtained an interim interdict from Lord Armstrong at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.
      The court order prevents the grazing committee taking any action to interfere with the occupation of land by tenants at Stornoway Airport or do anything which might risk the safe operation of Stornoway Airport.
      Crofters previously urged Hial to meet with them to discuss how the airport can continue to run alongside crofting activity.
      Inglis Lyon, Hial managing director said: “We are disappointed that the actions of the Melbost and Brahanhuie grazings committee have required us to seek an interim interdict.
      “We have said all along that our intention in developing this land has always been to facilitate the creation of affordable, high-quality homes that would benefit local people.
      “Our priority at Hial is to maintain safety and airport operations and the order issued today preserves the status quo until the appeal is heard.”
      According to Mr Lyon, Hial has sought to “engage constructively with the grazings committee and has offered to meet with all involved to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution.
      “Whilst, to date, this offer has not been accepted, it nonetheless remains open.”
    • By ChrisJones
      Saturday 27th an armed man attempted entry to a synagogue outside of San Diego, California. According to eyewitnesses he was armed with an "AR style assault rifle" and 3 people have been injured and one has been confirmed dead.
      AR15's are illegal in California. The shooter was engaged by the synagogue's armed security which in this case was an off duty border patrol agent. The shooter fled the scene and gave himself up to LE.
      The narrative of this story began as one of gun control but has quickly shifted to that of a hate crime now that more details have come to light. The article is from CNN but pretty factual with what's known at this time. The shooter has broken numerous laws and the bad guy with the gun was stopped by a good guy with a gun.
    • By j316
      As anyone had trouble with the pulsar f155 used mine handful of times now it won't charge or turn on 
    • By ChrisJones
      It's official. American socialist icon Bernie Sanders has officially declared that he's running for commander in chief in 2020. He's raised around $5.9 million from more than 220,000 donors in the first 24 hours, which has trumped even the Donald at this point. Many of those donors are set up for recurring donations that are set to net $600,000 a month.
      Last time around there were allegations of hamstringing as despite Bernie's popularity with the American electorate as he conceded to Hillary Clinton despiting winning many of the primaries by a large margin. Looking at Hillary's disasterous performance in 2016 it'll be interesting to see whether Sanders remains an independent candidate or goes full Democrat as the group whittles itself down to a frontrunner.
    • By j316
      I have photon controler button come loose any way of tightening 
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