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shaun v

electric fence

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does anybody know of anyone who supplys electric fencing (cheaper) for release pens ? :signthankspin:

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they are after 2, 1 for the pheasants and the other for the partridge, think they are only after the units, but will check to make sure

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Guest little_lloyd

Checked out your local countrystore?


I was in my local countrywide earlier and they have qiute a good little range of electric fencing.

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Guest redeye

I have just got a new unit from these



SPE1000 which works on mains or battery so can also use it at home round the hawks mews. Has a handy setting for fast run at night and slow during the day, or you can get the simple patriot for a bit less. Plus there is a few other low power units.


Found the service very good.



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