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Lets See Some Bull X Patterdale

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1/2 cross fit

Not bull x, pure patt but I'd say there's bull in him along the line.

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I think lakey/beddy can bring you as much good as the bull does.......even tho im sat here now I probably have a pup with a tinge of bull in it from the patterdale side in me yard.......decent bull blood does make efficient dogs no doubt ,......but never been keen on one dig two weeks off ..........even tho years ago use to help dig to those kind of dogs,.....there are very good dogs with no bull blood who just sit and entertain which usually come away with out a mark,......and are 100 % as good as bull x........


Where are these Beddys you're talking about???

The longest thread ever on here was about a guy looking for consistently working Beddies and he came up short?

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1/2 cross fit

Bryan that terrier looks in very good nick, nice to see, do you put a lot of time into keeping them in shape?



They are always fed to keep their weight decent. A few ribs showing or felt under the broken coat and maybe a small hint of hip bone. I'd be the same with my own weight. The dogs would go up a pound if the weather gets cold or bad.

I follow hounds a lot on foot so once they come into the start of the season with plenty road work it's easy to keep them ticking over.


I've always been involved in competitive sport and know that heart alone doesn't get results. It's not fair to expect anything from an unfit or unprepared dog?

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1/2 cross after 4th dig in 3 days, not laid up in sick bay.


something wrong with the pix... it doesnt enlarge when you click ...


you should have saved the picture after you have clicked on it to enlarge it then click save..


sorry about that you cranky :censored::thumbs:


all dogs looking well byran :thumbs:

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I've had a few of this type now, first one was my ideal of what a terrier should look like, easily spannable, great coat and size,…she was an outright cur though, but she hunted like a hound,…then i had to jadg x bulls, they where super spooky, like nervous border collies, but handled well, and very attractive…I'm on my fourth, and he is BIG!,…he half Stevens (bred buy CREEDY) and half Pit,…easily the SLOWEST starting terrier I've ever had, took forever to get him going,…he's starting to hunt good now, swims like a fish, and handles really good,…f***ing crazy stamina!…he roads with my running dogs, and he will do 20 miles at 10mph and not even have his tounge out of his head,…he is the only terrier I've had that will kill coon consistantly,…i really like him….i wouldn't have another, theres really no point to them imo,…he's a rough dog, but no way near as rough as a FELL i got on my yard, and he's 18lbs and diggable,…like i said, i like this cross on paper, but imo, they have nothing over a gritty earth dog.

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