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New Season In France

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I don't know exactly what do you mean by "mix", it means to bite ? If it means to bite, they are more barkers than mixers. Betty, the left one on the pic, is my best jack (10 badgers in 5 hunts this

Some pics from my digging class  

Posted Images



How to bring the tools near the den when you can't use a 4x4...


A pics from Fabrice Toutée



do them fox terriers work???

Yes these are working fox terrier.
seems to be the only place most of our native terriers don't work is at home, the migrants are still earning their crust below the turf, shame gb is enroute to the shite house
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1200 years ago, Charlemagne created luparii, a royal office for wolf hunting. This office is still alive, these are lieutenant louveterie (wolfcatcher Royal).

We are actually 1500 lieutenant de louveterie appointed for 5 years renewable.

When there's a problem with wild animals, administration can ask for lieutenant de louveterie. They are allowed to cull animals (boar, deer, badger, fox...).


Thus, the badger season is closed from 15th of january to 15th of may. But sometimes administration call us to cull few badgers with lieutenant de louveterie.



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I really envy them with the freedom they have to dig there chosen quarry while we are confined to fox only.


In fact, we haven't absolute freedom. We are allowed if we respect law and regulations. These regulations are precise.
On the other hand, a lot of people want to stop these hunt activites. We have to struggle.
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