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Yn Manninagh

The End Of Photoshop As We Know It.

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Adobe will not be releasing anymore versions of Photoshop or software from the suite. They are going to a Creative Cloud monthly/annual subscription.

Prices being bantered around the web are of a £400 subscription per annum, which Adobe haven't denied.


I have both CS5 Ex / Cs6 Ex so it won't really bother me, but to anybody new getting into photography and needing a good editing programme it's going to be a costly addition to there budget.

There is free software online but it really doesn't have all the bells and whistles that Photoshop has.


I believe there are ways of acquiring both CS5 Ex / Cs6 Ex :whistling::thumbs: I'd be looking for it know if you plan to use it future.


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They've probably done that to stop people pirating it, but at the prices they charge what the hell do they expect..? I've got CS4 extended here, or it might be CS5, can't remember off hand.. :hmm: Either way I'll never even scratch the surface of what it's capable of so it's more than good enough for me..

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