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    • By pest control man
      I have two used heavy duty fox traps. Fold flat which makes for easy carriage and storage. Single Entry with bait hook. Size - Length 1200mm, Width 500mm, Height 550mm. Collection from Bedfordshire or could arrange for collection from Welwyn, Hertfordshire address. Looking for £60 each.
    • By CharlieSlade
      I was just scanning online for ways to catch the first call bird, when this caught my eye. Is www.againstcorvidtraps.co.uk persuading people to trespass on estates seeking for larsen traps? It may just be me but I thought it looked as though the website is condoning trespass and going into shooting grounds to seek the traps? Could someone share their view on this please? Thanks

    • By Peter Shorrock
      Ive loojed at other posts about mink on this forum and they dont seem to answer some of my questions. So yesterday we did our first pheasant shoot of the year. And as walking through a wood a beater said he spotted a mink run into a little dried up stream. This stream hasnt been running for a few years now. Do i look for a nearby pond in the woods or just set traps near to where to was spotted? Im using mk6 fenns and a kania 2000 baited with rabbit. The ponds in the wood are more like mud pools but this area is also a few hundred meters from a flowing river. Whats my best option?
    • By Peter Shorrock
      Need as much advice as you can throw at me for live cage trapping foxes.
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