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having to sell my books to help with bills


here is a list


working deerhounds lurchers and longdogs (bill doherty ) HARD BACK SIGNED
understanding the working lurcher ( jackie drakeford ) HARD BACK
the ferret and ferreting handbook (james mckay ) HARD BACK
the world of dogs fox terrier ( diana chads ) HARD BACK
ferreting a traditional country pursuit (david bezzant ) HARD BACK
little dogs with big hearts ( jonathan darcy ) HARD BACK
modern ferreting (d.b.plummer ) HARD BACK
training birds of prey ( jemima parry-jones ) PAPER BACK
poachers tales (john humphreys ) HARD BACK
now thats what i call terrier work 2 into the dark (darcy books ) PAPER BACK
ferreting and trapping for amateur gamekeepers second edition (guy n smith ) HARD BACK
tales of a rat-hunting man ( d brian plummer ) HARD BACK
staffordshire bullterriers HARD BACK
breaking through ( johnny bluck ) HARD BACK SIGNED
hunters all (d brian plummer ) HARD BACK


alot more to be added including extreme lurcher work and others


open to offers on single books or multiple



i know this is not the for sale section but i need to sell these books soon and this is the best place i could think of to do so.



Thankyou all


Good hunting

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