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    • By stonewall
      found this open heart cooking fire crane in a broken down country cottage last winter.did a small bit of work on it to tidy it up.

    • By GruffaloGriff
      Pulled these old hammer heads out of the skip.....as you can never have too many hammers.
      Put a couple of quick handles on two of them.....may get to the others sometime.
      Old Estwing has GRP resin soaked denim wrapped round it then cling wrap to hold it in shape until it sets. Once set shaped it up using the edge of the bandsaw blade like a rasp.
      The other  head i welded a spring steel shaft in and sandwiched it in oak stuck on with isopone and pinned with copper rivets. Rubbed oak with wire wool soaked in vinegar to blacken it up a bit and a coat of wax.

    • By Micheala Robinson
      As most of you already know I make feather wreaths from game bird feathers.
      If anyone is interested I sell these from £20-£55 and they range from 12inch in diameter to 19.5 inches.
      Something a little bit different, to be hung all year round and would make unique Christmas gifts.
      I have a Facebook page if anyone wants to see pictures of different styles and sizes etc search Game Bird Designs on Facebook.

    • By Larryleftjab
      Hey guys feeling pretty proud of this little project,as it's something I've never really done.
      I was after a nice stick for walking the pooch,sourced some seasoned hazel of a friend some antler for the handle and hardwood for a spacer/reducer. I used linseed oil on the stick which I'm happy with.
      My question is what would be best to use on the antler crown? Some sort of resin? I've seem some that have a blacked out crown polished up like glass,what is that?
      Any help would be appreciated.
      Many thanks

    • By foxhound45
      Lads I am trying to started into Leather work to make hunting dog and falconry items.
      The thing is I don't know where to get the right size sheets, big enough to make a falconry glove, or thick enough so that I can make everything from falcon hoods, Lurcher leads, Jesses, Falconers glove and Bag.
      Can anyone help on where I can get started as to where to buy the sheets and tools that won't break the bank?
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