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So, Tell Us, What Are Ye All At In The Veg Garden?

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On 2/13/2018 at 18:08, forest of dean redneck said:

Been dying to get back down but it's either snowing or raining🙄

I got to fix window on greenhouse an go buy some seed. 

Did you sort out that little issiue you were having on the allotment f.d.r.

Atb j

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Few pics of some bits.  

Beans coming out my ears now       the runners are also picking up speed     a simple snack     and a simple dinner. My gran used to cook this as a kid it was a fav of mine. Fry som

been down today but not sure if the pics will work

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Hey up guys . Time to crack on , I can’t read all the previous posts since the site was tinkered with , first full season down the plot this year , and the one  next door has come up , it has a large fruit cage complete with all the fruit bushes . Hoping to take it on , thinking chickens on there to, well I’m starting some seed today onions cabbages,  celeriac, lettuces , can’t remember what else , 😃😃 sun is out so hopefully it’s dried a bit . I’ve two beds left to get straight  . After seeing the link last year in this thread to the Charles dowding no dig you tube channel I was sold so that’s how it is from now on , good luck guys not long now , this was my plot day one last summer , 😃😃


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10 hours ago, forest of dean redneck said:

Been nice up here today,so forked quarter of it over an smashed a rotten shed up ready to take to the tip.


Looking good. 

Can't beat a days work. Looking back after a long day prepping and been happy with it.

Spent the day here on the shore then got a nice load if small trees ready for planting tomorrow. 

Then collected some 8 x4 pallets to make new strawberry beds.

Going to be busy lol

Atb j

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Iv just put some sweet peas and some tomatoes in the propagator. 

I planted my winter onions and garlic ages ago and they look good. It's just occurred to me though that the soil I planted em in was a bit poor. Is there a fertiliser I should be looking to add? It was my new plot and an old poor bed but I was in a rush to get something in

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