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Cometa 300S Accuracy Problem, Help??

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Im new to this so be gentle :D


so.. i just went and traded an old xocet with cracked stock and worn spring for an almost new cometa 300s carbine with moderator and a simmons 3-9x40 scope, im thinking great deal THEN............


i try zero the thing at first i got it zeroed to 10p size groups i put it down for 5 mins have a smoke come back try agen my pellets are all over the place (4-5inchs too high then same to the left 1 pellet even went around 8 inches to the right ) ......... confused greatly


so i try agen, i set my zero at 25 yards nice groups and then woah there out agen

at first i thought maybe to scope so i swap to my nikko sterling and same issue with that too

so maybe its the pellets im using bsa storm but surely they wouldnt group fine at first would they ??


i even set my rifle in my vice spirit leveled the breach the barrel the moderator and the action and there perfect no bent parts

so what could the problem be any help would be amazing

(pulling my hair out with stress atm)



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