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Old subject this but I've only found this section through accident but here's my penny's worth if anyone's interested. About 8 years ago (maybe more) I was having this dilemma, whether to get a x2 or x1.4. I'd forked out £700+ for a sigma 70-200mm with F2.8 through all focal lengths. But I wanted extra zoom, the x1.4 brought it upto 280mm and made it F4 which is still pretty good. The x2 just stole too much light for my liking and defeated the purpose of buying a fast lens. I've used the x1.4 continue sly on that lens and I'm well happy with it. Only real draw back I'd say is although its good the 200mm is now 280mm, it's not so handy that the lower ranger of the zoom has went from 70 to 110mm but hey ho.

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