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Aigle Boots Leaking Again

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Just though I'd let you all know that after reading many a good review I decided to invest in a pair of Aigle Parcours wellies. They where considerably more expensive than I had paid in the past but I thought you would pay for what you get.


My last pair where Avon Muck Boots which where OK but the sole wore down at a shockingly fast rate, 12 months and they where goosed.


The Aigle where fine for a few weeks and then they sprung a leak on the right boot, around where the sole is bonded to the boot, I contacted the seller as I bought them off ebay and was told to return them so he could take a look as in his words he had sold 1000's and this was only the second pair with a problem.


I bought myself a £7.00 pair of boots from Windsors to be going on with and paid £15.00 to return the Aigle and fair enough the seller sent a replacement pair back within a couple of weeks.


That was 9 weeks ago and after only light use (2 dog walks a day) both boots are leaking around the toe this time. I have contacted the seller again and will keep you posted of progress, there is no way that I am so unlucky that I get the only two pairs that leak out of 1000's the only conclusion I can draw is that there is a design fault with the Parcours, I can't comment on the rest of the range.


The ironic thing is that the £7.00 pair don't let a drop of water in.


This is the problem with buying off the net, you might save a few quid at the time but it costs every time you get a problem and have to send stuff back, you can't beat being able to pop back to the shop if you get a problem.


Well all be moaning when all the shops have gone bust due to internet sales.

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Byrney, it not down to those odd shaped feet of yours, I know because I have seen them.


Off up to Rivi later to see the hounds, see you Friday in the Pub




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