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Humane Killers

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Sometimes you may get a fox thats behind some rocks that you cant shift,you may be able to see him but can't reach him.If you had a gun you'd be able to humanely despatch.I know its not difficult, but I have used one and compared to a .22 or a .410 they are a poor substitute. As you say if you can't get a firearm then yes it would be better than nothing.

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In that situation mate id just net the hole end or hold his head still with the shovel.... i get what u mean though, just those of us that cant get a certificate are relying on lads with a gun and if for some reason nobody can make it that day the says that our dogs stay in the kennels. An interesting bit of info here for you mate- i spoke to clive rees yesterday and he told me that the cps have informed the police that they wont be prosecuting lads on permission that are netting foxes regaurdless of if they are breaching the hunting act.... so make sure u have a few nets with you!

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