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Personal protection Lurchers?

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You can train any dog but like said its wether they actually have the minerals to not flap it and run when the going gets tough!

We're not talking heavy pressure work, we're talking Lurchers. Saying that I know of a man that has a 90lb 1/2 x Bull/Greyhound and that likes the sleeve and I'm sure that would take some stopping :D


A dog that bites a sleeve isn't a pp dog, a pp dog is one that can take heavy pressure. Otherwise its just a sport dog.




abselutly i,ve seen very good sch dogs put under real pressure and they have run for the hills thems sports dogs not manstoppers


And I've seen men that would run a mile if a Russell were to come at them :laugh:.

I Think we're hamming this up a bit. It is going to be a rare exception where you are going to be confronted by a 18 stone man that wants to kill your dog to get to you. You've got to remember that most humans will back down if confronted by a medium to large dog.

Even a good sized Malinios only weighs about 70ish pounds. And an18 stone man with a quick and accurate kick would be able to stop it, doesn't stop them from being top PPD's though does it?


not going to argue mate but when I have to stop lads in the middle of the night I want to be damned sure the dog at my side will do the job should he need to, most times i'm on my own help is a long way off and sure as f**k I aint calling plod so the question is would you approach a gang of blokes with a dog that tbh you just aint sure will do the do


I'm not arguing, I think it's a waisted action.

If I were to approach a gang of blokes (I don't know why I would) I wouldn't just take the dog, simple.

And why would you have to stop lads in the middle of the night?

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You do realise the the A key is on the other end of the keyboard no ?

what a pants thread, when wasnt it enough to go out and catch some gear with your muts but now it has to become your personal bodyguard too!

a lurcher is a running dog not a guard dog. dogs for jobs lads ffs what a load of bollocks this thread is what next my pit can kill 3/3 on the fens

iv got a lurcher dog that will bite you. Not on command but he will bite you..

it should be pushing up daisies then :yes:


disagree with you bud.like i said my last lurcher bitch,was pretty bad.not towards kids or women,but strange men,she would have tore the face off you.took my mates a long time to gain her trust then she was fine,others she didnt take to at all.pts when she was 16 and if im honest i miss that dog lots.i never considered getting shot of her as i live and hunt alone,and it was only grown men she didnt like,and tbh they should know better than to go touch strange dogs.and she would have gave them plenty warning before she bit.however rob if i lived under different circumstances it probally would have been a different outcome.think you as the owner know what your dog is capable of,and if it is a problem where its just out of control then you need to think again.

depends to what extent it's nasty I suppose, if it gives plenty of warning and only attacks someone breaking in then fair enough, but an out and out biter would just be a nightmare. What if you were out and about ferreting or mooching and someone appeared out of nowhere and caught you and the dog by surprise? and if you're walking down the street and a kid runs towards you? it's alright saying that the parent should have kept control of their kids but it'd be a pretty weak argument when you're stood in court after your dogs just ripped some kids face off! Sod that, give me my mard arsed lurcher any day :thumbs:

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had a collie greyhound in the early 80s that would attack anyone it was sent on great protection broke its neck in ditch mouthing a hare then two days later police kicked my door in If the dog had still been there the first one through the doors was going to be left in a mess shame :thumbs:

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I know alad who set a pitbull dog on a lad and the lad and his brother kicked it to death.dont agree with cruelty to animals but if theres a gang of lads going to rob you der not gona be put of by one dog.

unless it's got saluki AND whippet in it, then they're bolloxed! :whistling:

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no mate kids were fine she liked them.as for breaking in god help them lol f**k my mates used to call me first or they wouldnt come near.used to have a 15 pane glass door in living room.you could hear its teeth rattling of the glass trying to bite through it. but i understand what your saying mate,its just it didnt really pose a problem for me.just kinda annoying if someone came to the door unanounced. never did find out its actual breeding,defo deer hound,and im almost sure alsation was in the mix.

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I know alad who set a pitbull dog on a lad and the lad and his brother kicked it to death.dont agree with cruelty to animals but if theres a gang of lads going to rob you der not gona be put of by one dog.


That all depends on the dog your got with you and how its been trained


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tr@ined security gu@rd dog i presumed he ment


You do realise the the A key is on the other end of the keyboard no ?

of course lol its broke @long with "w" fooked @sell f@ir @nnoying :wallbash:


lol ive got a missing a key,but it still works if you press hard enough

Fook me ya pair of tight arses buy a bloody new one !! :laugh:

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if you wanted a lurcher for protection purposes then its gotta be the gsdxgrey, but like whats been said, youd need more than a dog to stop a determined man, and the only dog i d back against a fella is the pit, as for teaching a lurcher to bite on command, well you wouldnt get a lurcher if thats what you wanted it to do, youd get one of the more common breeds specifically bred for this purpose, lurchers are bred to run not bite, even though you do get the odd case of a crazy one!

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