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It really depends on a lot of things mate.


1. How far do you have to travel.

2. How long do you think it'll take you.

3. How many rats do you think there are.

4. How do you want to earn per hour....and a few other things need to considered as well.


And make sure you know what your doing. I'm not taking the piss, but if its outside then the chances of hitting the Non-target species can be a problem. Just a few pointers and i hope it helps.

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i work all over london and essex, i get 2 or 3 jobs a week where im cleanin up problems that have failed to be solved and made worse by people takin on rodent jobs and not avin a clue what to do, ive seen dogs and livestock poisened. my advice is leave it to the pest controllers or risk harming someone or something!

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You can ruin your reputation with one non target species caught in error in a fenn trap or similar,as jack68 has said if you are not sure leave it to someone who can,I have shot thousands of rats and trapped hundreds more over the years but I consider myself to be an Amateur Pest Controller,to try and control pests on a commercial scale is a different ball game.




if you dont no pass the job over to someone that can do it, well thats my advice or you could end up killing something you dint want to kill then thats you in the sh.ter..jack


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