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Red deer

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Can you elaborate on how it didn't go to plan ? Set the scene tell the story lol



there aint much worth saying mate but i can tell you its no bullshit as i was there and the 2 bullx were on it one had a neck hold and the other was on its flank and they NEVER looked like pulling it until it hit a fence and toppled over. we ran up to it with the dazzler and we all panned it.. :laugh: apart from 1 lad that tried to grab its head gear the red just got up and carried on running with the muts attached into a wood line we waited for 15 mins and the muts come back all be it worse for wear and we called it a night. with the lads from liverpool saying "it was the size of a fecking horse" :laugh: in all honestly its not something to be regularly with dogs its just to much maybe every now and again (PREBAN)


Cheers for that, would liked to have seen that!

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Can be done and was done pre-ban

If Ray mears can't do it, not much hope for the rest of us :laugh:

also dont believe everything you read on here :-)

Pre ban deer hunting in Scotland would be before 1959?? so you would have to be 53 to have legally taken deer wi dogs up here lol,


i know someone who has photos of reds getting taken with dogs, very hard chases and yes they are the size of horses :) didnt taste the same though ;)

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reds are fast as f**k, you're best off with running them in pairs with dogs that are straight on the throat when the deer is down! those legs can do some f*****g bad damage and seem to be able to go at all angles lol. have to be willing to get in there and wrestle it too if you don't want your dogs to sustain any injuries! it helps being a big lad when it comes to them

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i have a place 30 mins from my house that is crawling with reds and i mean crawling. if someone tries telling you there beddy x got one in a vulcan death grip flipped it and job was a good un tell them to feck off... :laugh: i no some lads (preban) who came down from liverpool to run them and was giving it the bigun with 2 bull xs saying they would pull them needless to say it didnt go to plan. you can forget about running these bad boys with one dog or doubled up even when its been pulled it aint over. and as for you helping out while its on the deck well your a bigger man then i am.... :laugh:


I see them regularly too mate, they are all over the place round by me.

They are so used to seeing people you can get very close to them and a stag can look me squarely in the eyes, they are enormous things, Add on the antlers and they must be getting on for 7 foot tall with their heads up. I know 2 people with pet dogs that have been attacked, one guys springer needed 20 stitches.

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What about Reindeer?? There is normally a few of them kicking about this time of year. My uncle's mates brother in law recons he slipped his dog on a small herd last Christmas Eve, but the game keeper chased them off. Big fat f****r, he said, with a big white beard!

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Lads who've had them know it wasn't easy and certainly not a regular thing to happen..those that never got the chance to run them well you will just have to keep on dreaming about the "how's,why's,maybe's" when it comes to Red Deer and dogs :whistling: ..ahh it's nice to be old :tongue2:

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