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Guest remmy

stalking with vmax

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Guest remmy










i have just had a fantastic weekend stalking with vmax up in angus, what this guy doesn't know about deer isn't worth knowing, a true pro, he took me out on friday night and got me onto two yearling buck they were walking towards us down a tramline in a field of corn, he said if i could take the first one ,so got on my stix and waited for the deer to present its self for a shot, it turned broadside and i fired click it was a missfire(b*****d) reloaded and the second bullet jamed in the chamber, dont beleive my f...king luck, i put the third round into the chamber as the beast stated to walk down the tram line towards me this time i whistled and stopped him placed a shot behind the shoulder and the beast jumped and ran 80yds then fell over in the field of corn, a bit of exciting stuff i can tell you.a nice yearling buck, vmax gralloched the beast then back for a cupa and to analyse the stalk and get the head down for the morning, we got up at 5.30 and had a brew then out for a stalk, went back to the same area as the night before, we came across a masive buck feeding in the same corn field, he was feeding out of sight in the long grass along a hedge i got ready and waited, here he came walking towards me , i was on a banking with my stix at 45% left stick lower than my right on if you know what i mean anyway the buck stopped and clocked me straight away, i was two inches to low with mt hight of my stixs all i could see was the fence wire he then barcked and was off (BAST,,,D) made a twat of that one, vmax gave me some stick about that , anyway off we went to look for anothr buck , we then saw a yearling feeding with a doe we left him because the morning was getting on it was about 8.45 we had had a good morning so we started to head back to the jeep,then the same buck and doe decided to run back over to another field, vmax said that there was a big old buck working ing that area and he would sort that young buck out if they met up, just as he got the words out of his mouth they both came running back towards us flat out with the old buck chasing them, he brought them into the field we were in to cut a long story short the big old buck stopped 135 mtrs infront of us this time no missfire hart and lung shot the buck spun round then ran back the way he came coming to a halt 100yds from where he was shot a big old buck with a nice head, vmax said looking at the bucks teeth recond he was about nine years old, sorry i have went on a bit guys but WHAT A WEEKEND, THANKS AGAIN VMAX YOUR A TOP BLOKE .... RGDS REMMY...................................

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Good post and a great picture, when things go fubar like the first buck sure gets the old adrenalin going, i was right there with you for a moment.

all the best MT.

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Hello Dave you were realy lucky as it has been so quiet here & the bick lad's have just come out the wood work here.Iv started to see that other old buck regular now so might get him soon & i would like to get some pic's of the 2 wee saw when you shot your first buck but glad you had fun.Here's more pic's for you.

Forgot to say that wee saw a mature buck chasing a doe that night too so rut might not be far away people.







A real good old buck to get dave here's them in larder.



My mate's 2nd buck with me & the burger's from it wee made.





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Sounds like a good weekend and a nice buck to cull there must be some amount of roe round your way v max .

I see youve been a stalker for 12 years what a job that must be .

Is it just roe or do you reds and fallow .

Is there any of the smaller deer specious around you



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I just have roe on my own permision but can get odd red's at friend's place's.Dont have fallow here in my area just roe.Where you from gavmac?

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Im origanaly from Galashiels in the Borders.

I now stay 10 miles west of Fraserborough and work as a dairyman :victory:

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oih remmy!!!!



what no thank you for the cuppa!!!!




got any photos of that head cut yet mate???



good to have seen you again and that was a good nite out we had with the little bro



all the best




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