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Anyone make hunting knifes?

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The metals used in my knives have been test by many people using them.

Has anyone actually really tested midnights knives, to say if their great or crap. They look the part, but can they handle the work.

Stock removal is great method of making knives, as you should know! The really important aspect is metal quality and hardening process.

I don't want a knife to just look pretty it has to work.

As for epoxy, their is obviously more types out there than you know off mr midnight. But I didn't want permanent scales, so no worries there



what the hell are you on about ???

dont want permanent scales ?? that is rediculouse , you might not want the same pair on but you want them held on till you want them changed surly ?

as for tested you cock ...

i test them in the feild and hammer them .plenty of lads on here have done the same and some have seen the knives i use far from pretty !!

im just gonna cover this again to try to put across my credentials .

at the age of 12 i started at belvoir fox hounds , skinning and exersizing the hounds , i could skin a horse, pony. sheep and cow before i was 13 .then went into a full time 4 year aprenticship in a traditional butchers , bought stock from nottingham cattle market bought them back and took them from our sloughter house right through to customers plates , my boss was 4th generation in that establishment , after that some game keeping work , then collage to stufdy the same, then on to other jobs out side countryside type roles .

in all that time from that age group under such skilled and experianced people doing the real work do you think i might have learned or been taught what makes a good knife ? what all the shapes of knife do , and reasons for the shapes thicknes of steel and grind types ?

i f*****g do , i was there i remember it i still use those skills as i allways will . in the countryside where i have been all my life .


a knife is simply a tool , its not magic it cant do extra things , all you can hope for is good heat treatment , good steel , good fit and a good edge thats it .

im gonna cover this again to , a butchers boning knife if your busy and good with it will last 1 year . because its the knife you use most , in that year it will have the bevels reground and is constantly sharpened , its the most abused knife as its edge is in contact with things that will dull it , bone, wood, etc . thats the stuff those that have had no training etc expect ther knives to cut over and over again with out loosing the edge (this knifes shit it dont stay sharp) there are other ex-butchers on here who claim my knives to beed good in use !!

i know one that i made from a leaf spring handled the proper gralouch of a red hind last winter , and i cut alot of hazle etc with id , iv skinner foxes and generaly treated it like shit (deliberatly) i left it in the snow dropped it on tarmac etc .

the knife is still good , i use it most days , its ugly and made from reclaim and paper micarta i made .

im a better knife maker now than i was when i made that , so im pretty confidant there good enough !!

i reckon some of you should go to a good butcher ask a proffesional what they think is needed in a good knife and ask them to teach you about using one , i think it would soon become clear .

iv no problem with your steel choice , i personaly dont like working with stainless thats my personal thing i understand how good it can be etc its just not for me .

iv sold alot of blanks and knives , i know most dont see any work at all but i know some have seen alot , and iv not had complaints , the oposite infact months later someone will say in a pm hey i used that knife the other nite on 40 rabbits was perfect , or similar . thats good enough for me .


scroats like you make me want to pack in froma all this crap . but im not going to . im gona leave the dreamers to it , the other twat with his forge and work shop to , so competative and say such rediculouse things ,

some advice read some good books on the evolution of the bladed weapon , lear where this all began and referance that against what is on sale now ..

its all im gona say on it .

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Guys just leave it for gods sake you have hijacked this guys post


And Matt please quit with the comments aimed at me I have not attacked you on here so please stop attacking me on here


Atb rob

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