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The Sheffield Catapult Company - Oct Catapults On Sale

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Just recently got a hammer hunter elite from and have to admit I'm seriously impressed the quality of workmanship that's gone into them is amazing value for money the laminating is flawless must easily have a good 72 hours solid work put into it to get this level of finish over the chrono its averages 305ft per second with 10mm steel balls using the Theraband gold supplied, easily more than enough for hunting game also I really like the canted handle on it takes a bit of getting used flicking your wrist with the cant but once you do its very accurate and the large handle gives you a firm secure feel of quality in your hand, overall its not often I recommend things but this I do, I've bought catapults that have cost a lot more than one of these in the past and they've been disappointing as for the money I always expect a high quality finish on a hand made item this doesn't disappoint at all for anyone thinking of getting a catapult and wants a high quality all rounder then the hammer hunter is the one for you.

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