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start of the season ruined

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Got my dog all fit ready to start this season and my neighbours house burnt down taking part of ours with it :censored: :censored:


My dogs have been in kennels over a week as we've had to move to a hotel until the insurance company do the repairs, they haven't even started yet.

Haven't even been told how long it will take but the dogs will be in kennels til we are back home and by the time i get Fly fit again the season may be over :wallbash:

With the kennels only open when i'm at work during the day i haven't even seen the dog since i dropped her off.

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Have a word with the insurance company.

They might put you up in a holiday cottage or similar

as the cost would not be as much as a hotel and boarding kennels.

You can only ask! but don't be fobbed off, ask to speak to somebody superior.


Good luck ;)


Cheers, D.

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Very sorry to hear of your disaster, but I really wouldn't trust a commercial boarding kennels to look after my dogs for more than a couple of days, not to mention the fact that your dog (s) must be pretty stressed and wondering where the hell you are. I don't know your exact situation, but I'd be moving heaven and earth to see my dogs and make sure they were all right, and putting something in place where I could have them with me. Could you not get the insurance to rent you a place?

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got to agree with skycat, i would never put my dogs into kennenls not even for a day the stress that they go through would be to much for my liken let alone the dogs, surley the insurance company have to rent you some where you can take your dog or any other pet come to that. ?

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I used to work for uplands - insurance retail construction and some of our cuztomes we're waiting up to 6 months to a year before we even priced the job up let alone start work. Atb with the house and with your dogs, shouldn't take them too long to get fit again.

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We have to wait at the hotel til Friday before we get the timescale for repairs, if it's longer than a few weeks they will rent us somewhere rather than the hotel but have said it's unlikely accomodation will allow dogs (but they are trying to find pet friendly if we need it).


Yes i am glad we got out, hubby was home and got our dogs out straight away (they live inside).

As for the neighbour who have given us hell for the last 6 years i won't write what i'd have liked to happen to them (seriously they are that bad and it was a deliberate fire) :censored:


I am contracted to only take certain times off work so cannot take time off any other time and the kennels have to respect their neighbours so cannot allow me in outside their opening hours. Turned out the kennel owner was someone i'd met before but not seen for a few years and she's promised to give extra attention to my lot.


It's really not the same getting home from work and not having the dogs greet me and keep me busy.

I just needed a whinge whilst i'm waiting on the verdict of the damage & repairs :cray:

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reely sorry to hear about the fire but you have to remember your a paying customer to the insurance company and you tell them what is required for you not the other way round, if the fire is not your fault your neighbours insurance company should pick up the tab, try geting legal advise dogs are somtimes classed as extended family and they would have to find you suitable accomadation good luck

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Neighbours have no insurance, the council own the house and say because it was a ciggy and the council were not at fault we have to get our own insurance to pay for our property, poor woman the other side of them struggles to pay her mortgage so dropped her insurance and has to pay for her own repairs now.


The numpty's will get a new house and have been promised they can come back after all the years of grief they've given everyone and it won't cost them a penny :censored:

I've complained to the insurance company about the lack of progress (zilch has happened yet) and they've promised that by Friday we will have a full list of what needs doing and how long til it's all done and we come back. It's currently raining and we still have a hole in the roof over a week after the blaze :censored:

I suspect we may have the entire rook replaced as well as the party wall (worse case scenario), it won't be a quick fix as we were the side of the main fire.

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