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best air gun to tune

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Isn't that the Turkish version of the old Omega/ Elite, Moxy? I remember working on those back in the late 80's and early 90's and they were as good as anything else at the time when they were built in the UK. A proper quality product that put BSA's to shame.


I can't comment on their Turkish cousins though, as the Longbow's not a rifle that I've ever worked on.


Just to add... From what I can remember, they're pretty poor at FAC. Anything much over 12 ruined them. I could be wrong, long time ago!! :laugh::D


Andy as far as I'm aware it's British but may be wrong and it is based upon the old omega.


In regards to build quality the longbow is second to none and for a rifle that is over 10 yrs old and gets regular use it still looks fantastic and the blueing is faultless. If the Turks have something to do with it they did a good job.

I'm only talking about this particular rifle and not all the longbows released.


As to FAC tuning it can be taken to around 15/16 without much work. To take it anywhere beyond that it needs major reworkings inside, but you can only expect to achieve 18 max.

Certainly not worth the costs involved.


But as with anything cutting corners or using inferior parts will generally lead to tears.

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