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can lost ferrets survive long term in the wild?

Guest long-tail

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I had a hob get out,he was seen for weeks but nobody would pick him up. By the time i got where he was seen he had gone. I kept postering further afield but then there were no sightings. Tell ya what though i dont think i will leave a door open again. I must check the bolts 3 times everytime i put them away.

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im trying to find the pi,c but about a year ago,, on my friends small holding chickens kept goin missing, thought it was due to a fox! but one morning went in the barn with scruff, a little lakeland terrier, andfound about 15 chickens were dead. The dog was instantly going crazy and caught hold of a massive an i mean massive albino hob wild as fook! wasnt an easy win for the dog by no means i have a pic of all chickens and the ferret and the dog think its on other comp but i willfind it!!


i think that had been wild for a gd while never even seen a ferret that big before

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my polecat jill got out of the new hutch the other week it was gone 7 days thought it was dead,got home from work to feed the others and it was back in the hutch with them,it looked well and it looked like it had been eating.extra mesh on the hutch now shes my best worker lol

must be some ferret if it opened hutch and got back in :laugh:

haha didnt explain that properly,i got a new hutch off the internet its got bars on it,put my jills in the first night but my little polecat is a lot smaller than the others and she got out stupid of me really.my two albino jills are to big to escape though,when she come back i meshed it all up.lesson learned
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Predation should be the only thing against survival

if the area suited (few roads,rural area)

The food side should be OK as they will eat most things

including amphibians when hungry.

They scavenge very successfully in the wild.

Polies should do better than albinos because of their

camo colour very few albino animals suvive long in the wild


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I found a jill a few months ago. Don't know how long she had been out but if I give her a run in the garden she digs up worms and beetles so I would think she could get her own food quite easily if she was in the wild. I seem to remember reading a book by Phil Drabble where he said most lost ferrets die for lack of water rather than food?

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heard of lads losing them from hutches for example chances are if not found will be dead within a few days,few lads seem to be coming across them whilst out on permission doing a bit but surely they die off being to domesticated to hunt on and survive long term ?

they survive and breed me and my cousin physically caught two young polecat type from mother last year in middle of a field.a once good rabbit site is pretty dead now,the mum escaped as we chased and caught youngsters
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Ferrets lost in the right places go on to thrive, then to breed, and continue breeing out of control over a few years. Not many natural predators will bother them, they are not worth the hassle.

Against them, they easy come undone at the hands of keepers traps due to there lack of fear of anything they can eat. A few years back in the dales we had an explosion of ferals, albino's mainly, and a some light poley types, they decimated the large warrens, just living in them, and picking off the residents, we even bolted 3 or 4 rabbits out of a large warren and then found a feral down below smashing our ferrets out of the warren, even dug to its den when one of my poleys stuck on it for a while, a massive pile of half eaten corpses as a bed, never got it out of the warren though!

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