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which rifle?

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im wanting to buy a spring powered air rifle purely for shooting rabbits and need some advice on which 1 to go for seen as theres hundreds out there and each review pretty much says the same thing.

it will be my first rifle for hunting had rifles for a bit of target shooting but nothing major.

budget below £300

also .177 or .22 ( not that i no what that means)


thanks in advance

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good rifles second hand for rabbits under £300.. erm...


weihrauch 97 95 80 77 99

air arms tx200

bsa supersport lightning


loads more... MAIN THING ... PRACTICE PRACTICE. you said you have shot targets before so if you can hit a 2p at whatever range, 20yds 30yds 40yds... then shoot to the range you can hit the 2p EVERY TIME.


as for .177 / .22 it doesent matter, if the pellet enters the brain the rabbit is dead simple.

.177 flies flatter so if your not so good with estimating distances go for .177


all the best

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