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what do you use to clean out hutch?


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jetwash mine out once a fortnight but scrape the crap out twice daily,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then spray disinfectant the shit corners,,{which is every corner} they can crap for england my 3 girls..................................mine are in a 6.5 ft x 8 ft shed with 3 levels......

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Shit trays are a must. Makes life so much easier to clean out. If you wax them too, then there is no issue with staining or smell. Easiest way to do it is use an old saucepan, pot or other metal container, heat a few candles then paint the wood with an old brush. Then in the tray, lay a thin layer of shavings. Alternatively, if they only crap in one corner, buy TWO cat litter trays, screw one to the floor of the hutch where they shit. Place the other one inside the screwed down one (stops them pushing it around) and all you have to do is remove the top tray, bang it on the side of your wheelie bin, place it back in the first tray. I personally would never use bleach. A lot of strength for some very small creatures. Something like lemon scented washing up liquid (quite dilute) and a hosepipe should be fine.


Hope this helps. Atb,


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I've heard that fitting bathroom Lino to the floor of the hutch works well as the shite will just brush off instead of sticking to wood. Plus you can easily wash it down. Maybe worth a try. Cheers tye.


Cushion floor on the scat side of my cages, £5 off cut, gives the shavings time to soak up the urine :thumbs:

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Detal or bleach quite often and then a jetspray also use anti bac, and fly spray incase any flys or eggs are about and then leave the ferrets in a other hutch for the day, litter tray is a must have! so much easyer and cleaner you can also get litter that wont smell somehow keeps the smell in! ticks fleas are easly avoided just look after and treat you ferrets as you would treat you dog! little spot on from the vet costs about £8 per ferret only lasts a month but well worth it! and also i use a plastic hutch to feed my ferrets rabbit easyer for me leave them in there for a day with it then its a hell of a lot easyer to take out and clean no flys ticks fleas or MAGGOTS as someone said. ATB lads :thumbs: :thumbs:

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