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There seems to be an increase in the amount of threads asking for help when it comes to applying for Shotgun/Firearm Certificates and any variations or renewal problems that crop up along with other general advice.


By means of putting them all in one place, I will list the most recent questions and scenarios below and provide a link to the original topic,


When new questions pop up, I'll add them to the list.


Firearm Certificate - Application Guidance



Shotgun Certificate - Application Guidance



Can I apply for a FAC/SGC with a drink driving conviction and cautions?



My land has been cleared for .22, does that include .22 Centrefire?



Can I apply for a certificate if I have some form of mental health problem?



Can I apply for a .243 on first application and how much rimfire/centrefire ammunition should I put down?



What do I have to do if I change address?



The FEO is coming to inspect my cabinet, any advice?



I'm under 18 and I'm applying for a Shotgun Certificate, how many guns can I keep and where do I keep the cartridges?



How do I buy a gun that's sent from a Firearms Dealer to another Firearms Dealer?



Does my ammunition/gun safe have to be British Standard approved?



My FAC has a slot on it for ".22 Rifle" does that mean it could be .22WMR/LR/Centrefire?



Can I store my FAC guns in my friends cabinet?



Can I use my shotgun for Deer in certain circumstances?


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brilliant .....except the link for the deer and shotguns takes you to another thread

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Sorted :thumbs:


i am still getting something about a safe?

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Thanks for this massive help...


I have 1 question which I couldn't see in links above about permission. Once I've been passed for FAC with several permissions I currently have, what happens if I get another permission in future do I need to go through the process again ??

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Just ring up you FAO tell him the details and they will add it, mine sometimes likes me to email as it's then in writing

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had a 22 rim fire for 25 years and want to upgrade to a more modern one! can i buy another off my mate without a variation as there both the same caliber just different makes? cheers

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