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new shooting truck

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hi ya folks

not been around for a while but now i am back on it lol

a couple of pictures of the new shooting truck

let me know what trucks you use and why

this is a disco 1 with a 2" lift and pro comp shock one off bumper 2 sets of wheels and as you can see we are part of the northants4x4 anyone can join to doesnt matter what 4x4 you have either





and young phil doing what he does best lol standing around waiting lol


few bunnies too



let me know what you think folks


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nice motor shay mate, and some good shooting too :thumbs:


i use an old suzy jlx(its the long wheel base vitara) cos it goes over most of the fields i shoot and its cheap as chips to run... i got lucky mind you, it had one very careful owner before i got it at the car auctions, it didnt have a scratch on it.


two days later it did though lol


cheers, wurz

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Also to anybody that is thinking about putting photo's of your vehicles, with all the idiot anti's that are about. I would advise people to hide their registration number, just as a precaution. Sorry to be an old nanny but better be safe than sorry.

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cheers folks

for the nice comments and wurz buddy the viti's are a cracking motor nice and light and dont get suck often either and hummmm kev buddy scared lol at least mine goes in the water as well lol and now you have blown me out because you dont want to get ya fronty wet lol hahahahahahahahaha


no kev buddy its all good bud we can get out next weekend buddy

cheers again folks



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ianitz buddy good to see ya on here matey you need to come out with me and kev /phil/nick/me shooting bud as well as a green lane to lol and yeah yeah it is muddy now lol been through the lane today as well took my boy lol


and yeah i got ya txt kev


already sorted and waiting for the wife to get back now matey then we can go out and play lol



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