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My Hutch Ready For Kits Comein

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A few pics of my hutch, i like to have different levels with ramps up gets the ferrets really strong and fit. On my hutch i made it in 2 parts as i wanted to have a means of cleaning them out without

It's really really nice, to see someone that has put some real thought and time into making their ferret hutch.

Looks good mate looks like a luxury home

the didnt chop the lock, the must of used a claw hammer or crowbar coz the lock hunge dosnt show any screws attached to the hutch, they rived the hindge clean off the hutch. Im moveing house on 27th, my new palce has its own private vard, theres a shed there that the landlord says a can have and i plan to build all my hutchs inside that, im going to make sure im all prepared, hutchs built and everything before a get any more jills, it had to be someone who knew a had them, they came prepared witgh tools knowning how they were getting the locks off then they must of went though them all, they left my hobs, only took the 3 jills, cheaky twat pinched a bowl aswel hahah got hes self 3 jills and a new breakfast bowl

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I would be gutted aswell mate. keep checking preloved and free ads. I would of contact the paper you never know they might turn up.

Glad someone has got you some more. Very nice offer. I cant belive they took a bowl!! LOL


I would be careful with those alarmed padlocks as I hear the wind can set them off.

Its ok putting locks on hutch's but its no good if the door the lock is attached to is weaker than the lock.

Some of mine that arnt in the shed have locks on their hutch but its a case of slowing the theif down or making them be heard.


If you get an alarm for your shed get a wireless burglar alarm for house's and just use the door contact and the siren box, theyre great as no wires

can be cut. Its even got a tamper switch on the back for if the box is ragged off the wall from outside the alarm triggers. I would put a cage over it though LOL aswell.


I also have security lights aswell.

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