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Roe Dear (liver)

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Hi ,


I shot a buck yesterday evening and one part of the liver looked greyish rather than the usual burgandy.

when I cut it open it looked a little spungy.But the beast was as healty as can be otherwise . I would say it was about 2 years old.My questions are.


What is it and would you eat the beast??


looking on the net most people bin the liver and eat the rest.Any info would be great .


cheers Wam

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No idea about the grey liver.

I keep the liver, we had liver last Tuesday from a couple of Bucks from the weekend.

Left in a bowl of milk in the ridge for a few days then fried with onions, served with chips and veg.


HEAVEN!!!!!!...........The bovine stuff is a poor sub in our opinion.



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Sounds like liver fluke to me. When you cut it open were there any greyish lumps in it. Its also common to see dried up grey edges to the liver. Lot of fluke going around here. Id say 1 in every 3 deer I shoot has fluke. It dosnt effect the quality of the meat. Bin the liver eat the rest. Atb Mark

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Easy enough to mistake the pancreas for part of the liver under poor light conditions, they sit close together and don't always separate when removed from the beast. The description, spongy and grey, definitely sounds pancreatic to me.

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Me too, pulled it out and went ' Oh sh*t, ah wait a minute Chris ya nugget it not the liver!'

Even better, i filled up with diesel the other day and sat back into the wrong motor.

The old woman in the passenger seat looked scared sh*tless as i was covered in muddy camo gear.

Said sorry and pointed out, thats my identical motor over there and got out of her car and the filling station asap. :icon_redface: :icon_redface: :icon_redface: :icon_redface:

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