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Mark White

does anyone know shotgun

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I have been asked to shot some muntjac in a large garden and on a small holding, garden is about 15 acres and small holding is about 5 acres the surrounding areas belong to a game estate which will not allow anyone to shoot on it and will not control any of the vermin in and around this area as they do not shoot this part they do not feel it is safe to do so with a rifle I have looked around this area and can see there point as there are lots of people with live stock horses and lots of out building one mistake would mean damage of some sort. The only real choice I have is to use AAA in my 12g I have read the different laws with regards to this but can not work out if I am allowed to shot them or not as I own a 270 which would not be safe, the garden I dont think I would have a problem with as they have damaged plants trees and fencing and the lady has given up in trying to do anything with it as the deer just damage it the next day but I am still not sure as this is not a commercial set up although she does have some sheep and geese and the law was brought in to help farmers and thatchers that did not have a firearm to hand. The small holding may be a bit different as the damage they are causing to the tree and vegetation does not affect her directly but they are on her ground and although the stock fences does seem to get damaged quite a bit it is not all down to the sheep as the field next to her has horses which have been found tramping it down and the odd sheep has also been found doing a bit of damage to. I dont no if this makes a difference the fences are hawthorn hedges which over time have been pushed aside to make opening by the muntjac and now the roe which some of the live stock are now using to get into other fields if the horses come along and push it down. There is no real way of putting any real strong fencing up as it is all marsh even in the drought before the rain came there was 3, 5 inches of water setting in places. the sheep are not standing in water as there is a little higher ground. any help in what laws I can use to do this job would be much appreciated.

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