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hi this might sound like a stupid question but as i know no one who bushes i thought i'd ask on here; is it possible to bush with just one dog? thanks in advance

Sils23,better 1 good bushing dog than half a dozen sh*te ones,its all about the nose,so long as its working and pushing hard enough through the cover and getting the bolt thats all that matters,atb,WM

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Using 1 dog tends to lead to the bunnys giving the dog the runaround, i,v heard of lads useing little packs of good terriers catching a dozen rabbits with no running dog involved but as WM says, better 1 good un than aload of shite. sils23, what are you thinking of useing :hmm: , ATB, buster.

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ok thanks for the info guys. Buster at the moment I'm just gathering as much information as i can and haven't thought about breeds as i'll be away for a few months due to work (navy) so it wont be till January that I'll be looking for the dog. hope that makes sense?


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