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days and days of making damascus knives, finnished at last !

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iv been on the forge for 3 days straight with a few things that i wanted to do some that will fill orders and some for learning .. so here goes in picture with a little text .

i have not photoed all the stages as it began to hert my head and even i dont remember all the things iv done so bear with on this one , you lot just want to see the end product any way ha ha .

but you will have to wait cos my nahbours are coonts and i cant use the grinder this late to reveal the patterns , but i have 5 blades all with differant paterns that you will have to wait til tomorow to see !!

until then see if you can follow my crap pic and wright up ..

im so tired i cant explain it prperly ..



2x stacks of steel one is made of 15n20 and o1 (bigger one) the other is 15n20 and the blade from a cold steel brazilian machette !! the smaller one .



first course of welds done . the big billet needs to be halved and the smaller billet has been drawn out , but has been forge in a differant way to normal to creat i very cool pattern with a shite name (its called the "w" pattern )




quit chop up and reweld the handls back on . quick acid test to see the pattern to .




frankenstein the forge getting to heat


look how hot it is !!


this is the two halfs of the o1 billet drawn out and semi rounded before twisting .


this is one after just been twisted


the pair done and cooling


this is the machete billet ("w" pattern) diveloping


all restacked ready for more forging


i missed loads out but this prosses goes on and on .

this next pic shows the "w" just before the last stack and weld .


this is where i got after day 2 i thnk ????

some i was happy with others i was not .




so what i was aiming for today was to get so i was happy with the lot i never took enough pics today but there is now two billets with "w" some 4x twisted bars all forged togeather and 2 others .. i cant remember now what there is there actualy .


anyway this it the w before i flatten it out into a knife shape (which was a twat to do)


this is the second w pattern before last weld and flattening .


and this is about what i had 3 hors ago . they do look better than this but i deleated the pics by mistake .

im haveing the day off tomorow but will follow up with a better write up and pics on monday .


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Looking good, I look forward to your updates. Do you hammer manually or mechanically and what steel are they?

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Nice love the forge I made a Stove out of same gas bottle I'll stick a pic up the blades

Looking good will be checking tommorow once your neighbours allow you to carry on work

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Why did'nt they teach me that at school, i would of never stayed off, good to see what actually goes into making knives, good luck. :thumbs:

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thanks fellas .

just answer the questions

the steels are 15n20 with o1 or an unknown carbon steel .

and its all hand forged . i promise you will struggle find many if any that still hand forge , i wouldnt if i had the equipment !!

out of the 1,000 world wide and thats a maximum , of people that can pattern weld im proud to say i can and by hand !

the patterns we have glimpsed in the pics are nothing . there all forged blades now so should be alot more intricate !

well thats the plan .

i have one in the 4x twisted bars pattern that is similar to the damascus skinner i recently did , not the same but similar . im exciterd about all the peices lets hope its all been worth it so far !!

its eaten £40 worth of propein to do this lot and i used two forges with 1,000s of hammer blows ..

fingers crossede eh !!??

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Nice work mate I feel sorry for you as I know how knackered you get after hand forging damascus. Looks like some very nice patterns are forming there.



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I'd really like one of your knifes with a gut hook. I'm fed up of buying knifes that don't keep there edge.

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well i seem to have damaged my elbow/ arm making this lot im in some proper pain from it !!

no im not making a machette mate , it was a machette blade that i used to make the smaller billet .

iv done 2 gut hooks and dont want to do any more , they are really hard to do and make a blade dead ugly i think ??

most of my knives are sharp as hell and you wont need a gut hook , just gently run the tip of the knife along an all the sausages come rolling out :bad:

there is still a ton of work to do in this lot .

tangs to weld normalising the steel anealing , grinding heat treating tempering , grinding . poliishing etching polishing , fitting the handle . and final polish ..... in that order .. then sheaths ....



thanks for the compliments guys !!

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yes it is mate . it dont look much yet tho pretty pattern in it ..

im sat here with a freak arm swallen and not able to make a fist !!

il solder on tho cos im rock hard ha ha

iv been out and bout more gass this morning so will plod along todat and see where we get to .

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I know I shouldnt, but I am going to have to get a decent nice looking blade off you sometime. Having seen all your posts with interest, you seem to be a bloody good knife maker!


And Gaffer, of course you can make the sheath!

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