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.243 for Red deer?

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.222 is the lowest calibre you can use on roe in Scotland and the .243 is perfectly acceptable on all species of UK deer. Although I have heard some people say that the FC will not allow you to use a .243 on reds and insist you use a larger calibre....hearsay, dont know if that is true or not.

Didnt Harry Corbett shoot elephants with a .243?? I think I remember reading that in his books....it was his favourite round.

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If you could drop an elephant with .243 sure you could take a roe with .223 think they should change the law if you cant?

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In England/Wales, the minimum calibre for ALL deer species is .240", with a minimum muzzle energy of 1700 ft.lb is required. For Muntjac and chinese water deer, the minimum calibre is .220" with a minimum ME of 1000 ft.lb.


In Scotland you can use any calibre, but their is a minimum limit to ME, Muzzle Velocity AND bullet weight.


For Roe only, your minimum is 50gr bullet, with a minimum ME of 1000 ft.lb and a minimum MV of 2450 fps.


For any other deer, the minimum bullet weight is 100 gr, a minimum MV of 2450 fps and a minimum ME of 1750 ft.lb.

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I think we have to think of the morals,of shooting deer with small rifles Matt_hooks is correct and to be honest I have shot alot of deer and I think 223 might be good up to roe deer,but when you start to get above that,you really need to think about dropping it humanely and quickly, I know expeirienced rifle men can put bullets where they want them,I myself have stalked deer since I was 20 yr old and I am now 47,and out of choice and expeirience, I would go above 243 for red deer trust me they are some animal to stop, and yes I agree a 243 will do the job,but there is very little margin for error especially in thick woodland I agree with what matt_hooks say's absolutely,However to give good margin for error I would not go bellow 120 grn for reds,I personally use 140 grn for everything now nothing special a good soft nose hornady bullet, I only use vmax /Amax/nosler for vermin,I am sure the caliber,is less as important as the bullet weight and ft lb delivered, this debate has gone on for yrs and yrs and theres alot of people who can kill elephants with 243's I personally think thats bull shit theres allways people who get lucky,I owned 3 different 243 rifles and love the caliber up to roe deer size,and still believe its one of the best all rounders,but for reds 100grns is in my veiw and understand its only my personal veiw is right on the limit,any way thats my 2penneth



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