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Air Arms TX200 Mk2 Review

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"'Old Faithful'"


For what felt like forever, I ached, yearned, sighed for a decent air rifle. I'd done the cheapo spring circuit ending on a Hatsan mod55s .177


After many late nights reading forums and reviews and re-checking my bank balance I could've cried myself to sleep. Not enough money, too much choice.

Then I found an advert on GunTrader.co.uk for this Air Arms Tx200 .177 inc Scope and Gun slip and two tins of air arms field pellets for £150. I was ecstatic. I arranged for a courier to collect and paced until it came.

Soon the wait was over.

We were united.

My mistress and I have had wild romps in the countryside ever since. She truly is my 'old faithful'. Granted, she's a bigger girl than I was used to, there is a good amount of weight up front, but thats fixed with an £8.99 mount less shotgun sling and nevertheless, as I've learnt her ways, we've stilled hearts and banged heads. She's straight forward to operate and in that simplicity lies her beauty. She's of the perfect weight for me, not unbearably heavy, but solid and accurate. I find myself buying her all sorts of presents and trinkets, always looking for a better this, a more expensive that. A lamp, a sling, a chronograph, an EXTRA padded gun slip, the best pellets... She'll bankrupt me I'm sure, but I'll only love her more.

After each hunting session, I lay her down and caress her with oil and tuck her away assured, that when she resurfaces she'll remain in her prime condition. I find myself thinking of her when we're apart and can't wait to hurry home and have my way with her.

If my wife knew of my feelings for her, I'm sure I'd feel what it is like to be on the business end. Is it wrong that that also excites me?!


Be warned!


Buy one at the risk of being besotted. After checking with Air Arms and being told the serial number showed she was born Jan 1995, that meant she is 17 years old!

These girls may be getting on a bit, but she's just how I like em and outperforms all others I've experienced. (I'll whisper that they do have younger models, the mkIII).

Overall the British heritage, breeding and workmanship shines through. If God graces you with one be prepared to part with more than just the asking price!


A legendary rifle.



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What a wonderful write up about a wonderful gun.I to have experienced the beauty and grace a tx 200,but it was only a fleeting glance,and I to would like to rekindle that relationship,but funds being tight ,and also owning 4 other guns I think my wife would have other thoughts about this mistress that I secretly desire.

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That HW97k just ain't the same is it... That gun is clinical, efficient, to the point, blunt..... German.

The MK2 TX200, despite being a british 'copy', has grace, beauty, style on top of performance.

Aye, By comparison, the HW97k is an Eastern European Olympic Athlete that kicks ass but you're just not sure should be allowed to compete in the womens races.

The TX on the other hand, kicks ass AND fixates your attention on those lovely assets as they do their thing, plus feels SOOO good when you get your hands on her . :wub:

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What a great review! Well written milegajo!!


I have recently relieved myself of a woman who played the "It's the guns or me!" card.......


Well, I was just looking at my TX200 MkIII ,22 rifle and a top-end Bushnell Scopechief 4-14X50 I have on her just the other night while unpacking stuff for the new place I have now. I remembered knocking a crow dead, straight off a telegraph wire on my shoot with this combo from a range of 40 metres...and that was from a standing position while walking the woodland edge. A few squirrels over the 11 years I've owned her but, no end of rats! This is one seriously potent rat rifle!


I'm left-handed so, rifle and scope cost me over £600-£700 quid new. It has a nicely figured walnut stock and, although I also have a TX200HC .177 which can hit anything I point it at with razor-precise accuracy, my TX200 rifle has been a smooth shooting, accurate companion whenever I've been out with her.


I have a Wiehrauch HW77 .22 that shades the TX200 for accuracy and consistency. Maybe that might be down to nuances in my shooting technique better favouring the German rifle? I don't know for sure. I gave both rifles an honest-as-possible, back-to-back shooting test over several ranges. The HW77 had it, just!


This year I'm going to give my TX200 more of an outing. Air Arms FIELD 5.51mm pellets are her preferred ammo and not as easy to find as 5.52 it seems. But I've got a couple of tins coming via a friend on here. So there will be days and nights out and some great sport to enjoy with it.


That's the beauty of owning and shooting top quality spring rifles like these.


Memorable shooting from both the past and, just as equally, the times to come.



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id like to start by by saying its nice to see you back simon i don't get on the forum much now due to work, iv just bought a tx 200hc in 22 and i like the rifle a lot but my hw 97 kt silver and nic synthetic is still my baby just cant seam to leave her at home even at the range just yesterday i was shooting bits of string at 33 yards with her and this was witness by a few shooters one of them vislauk a member on here iv come a long way with the 97 since i asked simon for help vislauk olso has a tx 200 hc now he is a pcp man and hates springer,s but loves his tx and he is just as good a shot with it as he is with a pcp so if the tx can convert a pcp man into liking( both then may be there,s a lot that can be said for the tx after all atb.mac

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I have recently relieved myself of a woman who played the "It's the guns or me!" card.......


Hahahahahhahahaha I like it. NO I love it!


"It's me, or your guns Simon!"


Hmmmmmm :hmm:


"Bye Love"


Simon, that's funny but I fear your need to attend my thread AA - AirgunHunters Anonymous. I love my guns too, but lets fix you up so society will accept you again eh?!



Edited by milegajo

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and im another proud AA TX200 mk2 although mines h.c. I can honestly say its the best rifle ive ever owned and your review does her proud although dont bother mentioning the mk3 as in my opinion the fish scale stock looks poop :D

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