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The ladder trap

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You might be better leaving the roof off for a week while they get used to going in and out we have caught a lot with ours we left the roof off for a fortnight and let them fly in and out






hi, this trap looks smaller than the others? it looks like a tidy size trap. what are the dimensions? would be great to build one! my email is ; ypysgotwr@hotmail.co.uk

thanks you.

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its great to get a haul of the greycrows. we move our trap every week, set it up with the lid on and 5 or 6 rabbits in . two call birds in and whatever you catch in the first 3 days is your lot. our best catch was 19 plus our two callers. most settings yield between 5 and 10. in a couple of seasons we havnt seen any difference in leaving the top on or off , once we have our callers in .

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