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Brother to sister mating is it to close,

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A brother sister mating from which a bitch was again put back to the sire produced this dog. Like the rest of the litter he is bursting with health and vitality and hes slightly bigger than both of hi

mC you are totally wrong about a terrier not being a performance athlete, a terrier gone to ground working Fox and Badger (historically) pushes its body through the pain barrier more than any other ca

my old bitch bred like that she thrived on lots of stick n the stronger the hares the better for her. 

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Watching the Pedigree Dog programme on TV last night, it appears the KC has banned sibling matings and parent to offspring matings. All the vets that were interviewed agreed it shouldn't be done. I don't know if the same would apply to Lurchers, as maybe Pedigrees are way to close bred to start with ??



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cp has hit the nail on the head just look at that czesky terrier that was 40 something percent inbred that amount of inbreeding didnt come from just a single mating :icon_eek: at a guess i would say if you bred a brother sister from 2 dogs which are allready mixed breed ie lurchers theres only very slim chances of anything bad happening but if you kept on doing it over lots of generations thats when the problems would appear

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