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lamping again

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had a look out with Rew and his bitch fly again, we traveled out in Rew's dad's motor this time and managed another twelve with both dogs taking 6 each. the night ended with the lamp button f******g up and turning off whilst my dog kye was in pursuit of his prize :wallbash: im sure they would of accounted for more as they werent missing much all night :good:

atb N.H



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Good night once again dogs are running well for us .can't wait to get some ferreting done .


Good hunting



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Alright Tomo you good mate ... i dont get on the internet that often tbh hows your season been ?


crap mate,, hardly been out :whistling: click on my profile , then my content ;) can you drive yet???

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no mate still not driving ... my dads pretty usefull now hes got a van again and i just give him petrol money . Lets go up the dales lamping or ferreting mate? i work 5pm -10pm so im good for getting out with dogs . will check your threads now

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