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Broken toe

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If it's been amputated, then it will be fine on the remaing toes it has. The dog soon learns to compensate even if the toe is an outer toe. I've a bitch with an outer toe missing and she has no problems at all.

The vet charged me £180.00 to amputate. Robber.

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Have you had a definite diagnosis that the bone is broken and that its not a dislocated joint? If you've already been to the vet then follow their advice. Successful recovery on the type of fracture and what bones are involved. An x ray will tell you what type of break it is: if its just a clean break with no external wound which could infect the bone, then there is every possibility that it will heal fine. Complex fractures where the bone is splintered into bits usually mean that the toe will be amputated for the dog to run properly again. Ditto compound fractures where there is external injury as well. (like when the bone comes through the skin?


If you have diagnosed a fracture yourself then ask yourself how you can possibly know exactly what has happened under the skin, unless you are as experienced as a good greyhound vet. Even then, one of my dogs had a spiral fracture of one toe bone, yet it only showed up on the fourth x ray; (pics taken from four different angles) before the fractures could be seen.


Bones generally take around 6 weeks to heal, providing the dog doesn't run at all, or do anything which can make the toe move in any way. Simple fractures will heal by themselves if you confine the dog to a crate or small kennel, only letting it out to toilet, on a lead.


But for the best advice see a greyhound vet.

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