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Guest Scuba1

A rant about Brussels

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Guest Scuba1

I had a bit of a rant on the chat with DS tonight / early morning, and he said to put it on the forum. May just be that one of you can make any sense out of it.

In a lot, well most all countries in Europe Rabbits are considered a pest and they are killed with poisons germs and what ever else is expansive and does a lot of harm to the rest of the wild life. However and here is the beef that i have with this system, why is it not allowed to shoot them with anything else other then a scatter gun. Apart from the UK that is. In most places it is a shotgun only game ( pest ) and there is no other way to kill a bunny on the legal side of the law. Why are governments across Europe spending millions of Euros on research, poisons, and launch a kind of biological warfare against these animals, when all that they would have to do is, to make small bore calibre and air rifle hunting legal for critters like rabbits and co. A lot of landowners and farmers would be only to happy to give someone permission to go on to their land to shoot them and not have some official person dumping poison all over their property ( well that is my line of thought anyway ).

Where I live now in Spain things take another twist. Rabbits are scatter gun only pray as in must places in Europe but it is o.k., to hunt mufflons with any calibre from .22 and up and that includes rim fire munitions. For those of you that don´t know what a mufflon is, they are a kind of mountain sheep / goat and are tough as boots. If you shot at them with a rimmy from anything but point blanc range they would probably scratch themselves and carry on grazing. In my book,the only way to kill an animal of that size and stature with a .22 rim fire rifle, is to hold it firmly by the barrel and hit your mufflon just behind the head with all the force you can muster.

So who of these desk driving idiots is responsible for the laws that are past in the name of wildlife and conservation and have those people any clue about nature apart from the fact, that the Ficus Benjamini is mainly found in offices across the world and that the rubber tree is an endemic species found in reception areas of large cooperate companies.

Rant over.


Any anwers ??¿






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