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1st call out for a while

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Got a call out today from the keeper,said charlie had been taking his ducks and he had 4 earths to checkout which was great but this was 14:00,would have liked to have gone earlier or at the weekend but the man wanted it sorting so off we went,

when we got there he was loading sugar beet so it was about 14:45 by the time he had finished and off we went, anyhow it was all a bit of a rush

15:00 1st hole no one home so we moved on to the next

15:30 2nd hole run the dog through she worked it for 10ish mins no mark

16:00 gone 3rd hole light starting to fade no one home,keeper wants a fag and a chat lol :D:whistling:

16:35 4th hole I know the time cos I kept looking at my watch knowing it was going to be dark shortly anyway jackpot dog dropped on to one :toast: , 2 1/2 ft digging with headlight on dark now and one dog fox dispatched,one very happy keeper and two very relieved blokes :victory: wanted to take some pictures but we never had time

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