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great day out,first dig

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Hello all,

Thought id share my first day out with the terriers with you all

Having kept lurchers for a couple years now,and loving watching a good dog work its chossen quarry,i couldent miss an invite a good friend gave me to accompany him on some pest control for a keeper friend of his.

Morning arrived,sorted some food and drink for the day and got myself over his for the agreed time,a few teas later and we were off to the land we were going to be working.

Accompanying us were 3 of his terriers a friend of his with his purpose built terrier quad equipped with latest in terrier transport and locating equipment.and another good friend of his, all great company and very happy to show me the ropes, as we drive the land checking the earths, dog collard up and away one of his dogs went, 1 fox taken next earth 2nd fox taken, onto the next earth,dog found its quarry, we got a mark, this one was to be dug too, approx 6-7 feet id say, number 3 accounted for, all in all a fantastic day,thanks very much sandy soil, was a great day, your terriers are the mustard




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Great stuff mate im still trying to get on my first dig as all my mates have lurchers , i have a 2 year old russell and 2 year old lurcher so all my terrier gets to do is work cover

Atb trinder

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Cheers all, looking forward to another day, ss il be over for a cupa in evening to chosse my pup,you know the one i want lol,maybe one day... Atb everyone

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